Thursday, May 20, 2010

venice: philippe starck

 In Burano
I just found this 2009 interview about Venice with Philippe Starck, everyone's favorite eccentric design genius.  He talks about living on the Venetian island of Burano:
For example, there is a special Venetian way of tying a knot for your boat when you park it.  After 25 years, we still fail to do it. And every night we park the boat, we come back the next morning and someone on the island has retied the knot. They say nothing, but they always redo it. I feel there is a certain magic positive bubble around us, and it is so comfortable.
 I've had the pleasure of briefly meeting Mr. Starck and this "magic positive bubble" that he describes seems to follow him wherever he goes.  As he says:
The best way of living is with your feet in the mud and your head in the stars.

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