Wednesday, June 16, 2010

paris: roses at hotel costes

I like abundance.  (This is a problem when you share closet space) There is no better place to revel in plenitude than the rose shop in Hotel Costes on the Rue St Honore.  It is absolutely overflowing with luscious, heavy, velvety roses in every color and the scent is heavenly.


  1. Such a great place and is right downtown in the financial district! Dropped my phone and cracked the screen of my iPhone and it was a year before I could upgrade. With the glass being cracked to the point where I couldn't use the phone, I needed a cheap way to get it fixed and Réparation iPhone Paris came highly recommended!

  2. This shade of rose is ideal for occasions where youth or honesty are praised, for example, weddings and proms. In a wedding setting white roses (and particularly white rosebuds) mean honesty and girlhood. Dried Flowers arrangements



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