Wednesday, July 21, 2010

amsterdam: café george

If I only had one meal left to eat on earth it would be this one at Café George...
a dozen oysters to start, a steamed artichoke, followed by a succulent roast baby chicken served in it's own juices for me and a ribeye for him, accompanied by perfectly crisp french fries (think McDonald's, fresh out of the fryer) and a simple butter lettuce salad, finished with a piece of cheesecake.
There are two Café George locations.  The one on the Leidsegracht is boisterous and always packed with Amsterdam's local and ex-pat in-crowd.  The one on the Willemsparkweg is a bit calmer, with a lively, attractive crowd of Oud Zuiders (it also has a better roast chicken).  In either restaurant, be sure to request a table in the back room, or if you can, sit outside.

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  1. i have just been to this restaurant and it gives new meaning to chicken with fries....most excellent!



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