Thursday, July 22, 2010

barcelona: dos palillos

Fusion food:  not always good, sometimes amazing.  It's amazing at Dos Palillos, a restaurant and bar in Barcelona where they serve a happy marriage of Spanish tapas and Japanese classics.  We feasted on a succession of inventive riffs on the two cuisines...

tuna belly tacos, eel shiso wraps, Japanese mini-burgers with steamed buns (my favorite!), tempura boquerones, steamed meat dumplings, cherry mochi.  Go if you can!  Sitting at the bar is informal and a great way to sample everything.  The staff is knowledgeable, charming and extremely enthusiastic about the food.


  1. I absolutely loved this place. The mini burger were extraordinary. The head chef is a student of El Bulli, although I think he downplayed the experimental part a bit, which i prefer.



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