Wednesday, August 4, 2010

new york city: kelvin natural slush co.

Ahhhh the humble slushie: a suburban gas station staple, tooth-meltingly, artificially sweet and most often, a color not found in nature.  Not anymore. It seems like every food once considered junk- the cupcake, the whoopee pie, the hotdog, the burger (the original trashy to classy food)- is getting an organic, farm-to-table makeover.  And now it’s happened for the slushie.  Kelvin Natural Slush Co, the brainchild of yet another corporate refugee turned foodie entrepreneur, sells organic slurpees out of a truck.   Don’t expect to find Apu behind the counter, the staff at Kelvin know their slush and are happy to recommend unique flavor combinations. I sampled Kelvin’s frozen drinks streetside in the West Village and they were delicious.  Icy and bracingly refreshing on muggy summer day, I tried the citrus/fresh mint and the ginger/guava. Next time the temperature soars, forget about 7/11 and find Kelvin (here)

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