Thursday, November 11, 2010

capri, italy: calzoleria vincenzo faiello

image: Francesco Lagnese
Signore Faiella works away in the window of this sandal shop, tucked away on the less-travelled Via Le Botteghe.  In 20 minutes he whipped up a pair gold leather flats for me at a very reasonable price... 
There are sandal makers scattered around Capri and Anacapri, most famous is Canfora.  I was all set to buy a pair there, but the staff was bored and unhelpful and the sandals themselves were a bit to gaudy for my taste- most were covered in gilt bells or oversize rhinestones.  While they would have looked appropriate in Capri, I could hardly see myself wearing them anywhere else.  I’m quite pleased with my simple, only moderately flashy Caprese kicks.

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