Monday, November 15, 2010

capri, italy: la parisienne

Purveyors of the classic Capri pant, favorite of Jackie Onassis and Audrey Hepburn, La Parisienne now stocks a jumble of other items.  The store feels a bit disorganized, but ask and you’ll receive enthusiastic help.  Of course, like most shopping on the island, it’s over-priced, but where else in the world should you buy Capri pants?  They look great with my handmade sandals and they really are the most flattering pants, perfect for cool Capri nights.  Here are mine, in classic navy...
*Italian sizes run small, so be prepared self esteem-wise before heading into the dressing room.  eeek!

Jackie O in her capris on the chairlift to Anacapri


  1. So sleek, not much like Jackie's floppy capris

  2. Hello, you wrote about La Parisienne, "Purveyors of the original Capri pant, favorite of... and Audrey Hepburn." We have to inform you that La Parisienne has just received a Cease & Desist letter that forbids them to continue with such untrue statements, and to libel the inventor of the Original Capri Pants. Sonja de Lennart is the inventor of the Original Capri Pants, which she designed in 1948, as well as her Capri Collection in 1945. The costume designer of Roman Holiday and Sabrina used the Capri Collection and the Original Capri Pants from Sonja de Lennart for Audrey Hepburn. Please correct this part in your blog. Thank you. De Lennart, Incorporation, Dr. Rosenberg



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