Monday, November 29, 2010

paris: kong

I should have known better...
Any restaurant known for its popularity among "fashionistas" is bound to have terrible food.  After all, fashionistas don't eat, do they?  Kong, situated atop a building on the Rue du Pont Neuf under a glass atrium, is at best a restaurant with a nice view and good place to people watch. The Philippe Starck-designed space is interesting, I suppose, but looks dated, like someone's idea of futuristic dining 15 years ago. Do not go there expecting to enjoy the food.  Ours was at times inedible (the scampi crudo and chocolate fondant) and occasionally satisfactory (lamb chops and miso black cod).  Which might have been o.k. if we weren't paying such a high premium for the privelege of eating unimaginative and poorly executed vittles.  If you do decide to go, request a table with a view of the river.

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