Thursday, December 30, 2010

revisited paris: art's, l'art du basic

I bought this one!
I wrote about this lovely shop on one of my favorite streets in the Marais back in June and recently, I had the chance to go back to Art's l'art du basic for some fall/winter shopping.  When I first visited, I thought the shop was called Shouka; it isn't anymore. Now, it goes by the name of the label it carries: Art's L'Art du Basic.  The store is still very simple...
a few racks filled with wonderfully spare, chic basics, mostly classically cut blouses in a small range of elegant, neutral colors, as well as a few dresses, jeans, wool-blend coats and cashmere-blend sweaters. The woven pieces, while still crafted with a perfect economy of design, are now made of polyester whereas the summer line was silk.  Obviously, the fabric isn't as nice, but the prices are a bit lower now and the synthetic material is impervious to wrinkles, even after spending hours in a cramped suitcase, a major plus for me with all of my recent travel.  Here are some of my favorites:

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