Tuesday, January 25, 2011

bali: ayana resort and spa

Ahhhhh... Ayana Resort and Spa.  We stayed here when we first arrived in Bali.  Located in a more isolated part of the island on the south side of Jimbaran Bay, the resort is a sprawling, private complex of villas, restaurants and a stunning bar perched on an oceanside cliff...
Upon check-in, guests are welcomed to a covered pavillion island in a cliffside, trickling infiinity pond.  It's really indescribable- the sound of the water, the ocean breeze, the dappled sunlight- and unfortunately I was too busy sipping my tropical fruit juice cocktail to take any pictures.

We stayed in a stunning, secluded cliffside villa with it's own private pool and rose petal-filled bath.  Prior to a private dinner at the villa (the staff covered the terrace and lawn in candles and flowers, there were several butlers serving the meal and on-hand to refill wine glasses, and musicians serenaded us with Balinese folk music and Elvis Presley classics) we wandered down to the exclusive Rock Bar for cocktails amidst the crashing surf.


  1. The amazing accommodations aside, I see one interesting convenience. The beach is right below the pool. If I were there, I could just jump down and hit the surf if I ever got tired of the pool.

  2. Ahhhh...ahhhh. Can they get this ambiance into a bottle?



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