Wednesday, February 9, 2011

new york city: goat town

Maybe Goat Town isn't the most original new restaurant to open in New York City, but despite its silly name (a convoluted story about the owners' birthdays), abundance of plaid and Edison bulbs, and ubiquitous faux-rustic brasserie concept, it does serve excellent food and is a very welcome addition to the culinary alleyway that is far east 5th street.  In the three times I've visited so far, I've had...

the most amazing oysters- Evening Cove, British Columbia- they were fat, creamy and absolutely sublime. I still think about the smooth, savory chicken liver mousse.  Entrées focused on seasonal ingredients were well thought out and expertly prepared, although, in my opinion, could have been simpler and smaller.  Service is attentive, sometimes overly so, and the wine-based cocktails are tasty without being too sweet.  The atmosphere is young, convivial and casual.  Despite crowds of people waiting for the next open table (no reservations are taken) staff was always friendly and as accommodating as possible.

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