Wednesday, February 2, 2011

paris: frederic simonin

We've found that in Paris, it's hard to find good food and a fun scene in the same place.  We've dined at some of the city's most celebrated restaurants and while we've rarely been disappointed by the food, the sedate, funereal atmosphere at these temples of haute cuisine leaves much to be desired.  Such was the case at Frederic Simonin...

The space is supremely elegant in muted tones of gray, cream and black.  Thick carpeting muffles the sound of expensive high heels.  There is no music, just the soft lull of elderly voices and the gentle tinkle of silver hitting fine china.  The food was excellent, mais oui.  The chef's signature appetizer of crab with tomato gelée and avocado was most memorable.  The presentation, the service and the wine were impeccable.  This is a lovely restaurant to bring your incredibly fussy, diamond and fur-clad gourmande of a belle-mère, but it is not the place for anyone under 40 to start a Friday night.

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