Thursday, February 24, 2011

paris: l'escargot montorgueil

We are creatures of habit. Every morning begins by tucking matched p.j.s under the pillows, making the bed and cutting an apple into eight slices. Saturday guarantees a Dutch pancake for breakfast.  And when we are in Paris, our first lunch is always at L'Escargot Montorgueil...
Our order is always the same, a hefty portion of escargot- either 24 or 36- in each of the three flavors offered- traditional garlic with parsley, roquefort and foie gras (I believe there used to be a curry option, as well). With a glass of rosé or champagne and a pile of golden, crispy french fries, that's lunch and the perfect start to a weekend in Paris.  
It's particularly lovely when it's warm enough to dine outside facing the bustling foot traffic of Les Halles/Marais.

A little video about the place, here:

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  1. It's definitely not something we usually have around here, but those snails certainly look worth trying. Since I can't get to Paris, I'll have to go find a recipe and make some myself.



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