Thursday, March 31, 2011

ravello, italy: hotel caruso

The Hotel Caruso is precariously perched on the vertiginous cliffs of Ravello on the Amalfi Coast. At 5 stars, it's got great reviews and a stellar reputation. The location is stunning. The gardens are like a second Eden, chock full of fragrant blooms, fresh herbs, ripening olives and heavy, drooping, golden lemons. After a nauseating drive from the port of Naples we arrived...
And, frankly, we were a bit disappointed.
A former vineyard, the hotel was once a favorite destination for the Bloomsbury set, but now it's in need of a serious refurb by a skilled interior designer. Service was excellent, food was delicious, but guest rooms and public areas were just plain ugly, a stark contrast to the breath-taking views. It was really sad, actually, to be staying in this lovely setting with such a history (at quite a dear price) but housed in such tacky and dated interiors.

Ravello itself is charming, but as I mentioned here, it's better left to a day trip as it's packed with Americans.
The highlight of the garden, the infinity pool

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  1. Regardless of the rooms, I'd still want to stay there. Admittedly, the views and the friendly staff more than sold me.




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