Thursday, March 31, 2011

update! barcelona: dos palillos

We had our first extraordinary meal at Dos Palillos at the bar and ordered off the a la carte menu.  For our return visit we sat in the rear dining room and ordered the chef's menu.  Again, the food was surprising and delicious.  Even more so this time as we were served chicken sashimi.  Yes, raw chicken...
I would consider myself an adventurous eater, I eat plenty of raw fish and beef, but this scared me. I know it's a common dish in Japan, but Westerners are indoctrinated about the dangers of undercooked poultry.
Faced with the eager expression on our young chef's face and his assurances that it was perfectly safe, I bit in. The texture was very similar to fish sashimi, not quite as soft as fatty salmon or toro, but not too chewy either. It was served with a seasoned salt and pepper mix for dipping. I liked it. It's not something I'll order again (this is how I prefer my chicken), but it was definitely enjoyable and I'm happy to report that no one got salmonella.
We also had some shrimp in Japanese curry, dumplings...
 and a really interesting uni (sea urchin) custard.

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