Monday, April 11, 2011

hong kong: bo innovation

One of Hong Kong's most prominent purveyors of molecular gastronomy, Bo Innovation in Wan Chai is a bright, bustling New York-style restaurant. The staff are attentive, eager (over-eager?) and clearly very excited by the food. While my dining companion has since declared himself "over" molecular food, I enjoyed the meal, although I didn't find any dish to be particularly mind-blowing...
It's tasting menu only and it was a nice way to sample the Chinese-inspired nibbles that chef Alvin Leung Jr.dreamed up.
The most interesting was by far the "dumpling." Not a dumpling at all but something that felt like an egg yolk but exploded in the mouth with all of the flavors of the classic Chinese pork dumpling.
The tastiest was the chef's take on lettuce wraps- a healthy chunk of foie gras on piece of butter lettuce.
Bo Innovation started out with two Michelin stars in the first Hong Kong edition, it's since lost it, but I think the restaurant is making sure it gains it back in the next edition.

 Not chicken! Frog legs.

This dessert was served with a sandalwood smoke.

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  1. Fascinating but somehow not so appetizing.



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