Monday, February 6, 2012

london: cecconi's mayfair

Normally, tuxedo'ed waiters are a very bad sign at a restaurant- either the place is absolutely blanketed in suffocating silence and formality or  it's some sort of suburban Olive Garden in fancy dress.  Cecconi's in Mayfair is the exception...
Cecconi's is a gorgeous restaurant- emerald green upholstery surrounding a thick carrera marble bar, twinkling candles, slick table lamps, heavy silver salt and pepper sets, Art Deco mirrors, and a black and white striped marble floor.  It feels like what we'd like to imagine London was in the Twenties.  The staff are kitted out in white tie, many of them are Italian.  It's a glittering crowd that lunches here, as you'd expect considering the neighborhood.  But despite the expensive looking clientele, Cecconi's feels welcoming and cozy.  After shopping Jermyn St, pop in for lunch at the bar.  The food is excellent.  (I wrote about the Miami outpost earlier.)

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