Monday, May 7, 2012

new york city: proline archery lanes

Proline Archery Lanes is located at the very far end of the A train in Queens, making it one of only 2 places to shoot a bow and arrow in New York City.  For $20 you can ready, aim and fire 'til your heart is content in what looks like any middle-American Elk's Lodge.  It's surprisingly easy to become a proficient novice archer and incredibly satisfying to land your first shots.  Within 10 minutes, after a brief lesson from the friendly staff, I was acting out my Katniss Everdeen fantasies, even putting an arrow in bull's eye once or twice.  

If you come on League Night, you'll see what a difference years of practice make- the pros shoot from high-tech bows of the future (think Blade Runner) and produce a tight cluster of arrows every time, at twice the distance the beginners start from.


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