Friday, June 8, 2012

purchases: couto pasta dentifrica

Found it!  The best toothpaste in the world.  It's Portuguese, it's perfectly minty without any cloying sweetness and it comes in the most beautiful box and metal tube...
Get some Couto pasta dentifrica.  Your mouth will thank you.

It's actually been quite a quest to find the right toothpaste.  All colored toothpastes were immediately disqualified. (Sorry, Euthymol.  You taste lovely, but your pink coloring looks too gross in the sink.) American toothpastes are universally too sweet.  If you can't find Couto, Elmex (with a slight licorice taste) and Marvis (this is the most pretentious toothpaste website I have ever seen) rank close seconds. Each has a nice, strong peppermint bite. 

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